Georgetown Civil Service

Fire Compensation

City of Georgetown Fire Department 2024 Pay Ranges*

The payscale represents the annualized salary, and may not be exact due to rounding.

Fire Pay scale FY23

 The City of Georgetown is on a biweekly payroll schedule consisting of 26 payrolls per year. Rates indicated above are the annual equivalent of the biweekly rates. Statement of periodic salary does not represent an employment contract with the City of Georgetown.

Certificate, Incentive Pay, and Assignment Pay- Fire Personnel

The certificate and incentive pay amounts are monthly. The higher of certification or education, but not both.

Pay Type Amount
Intermediate Certification $50.00
Advanced Certification $75.00
Master Certification $100.00
Bilingual $75.00
Associates Degree $50.00
Bachelors Degree $75.00
Masters Degree $100.00
Fire Investigator $50.00
Arson Investigator $75.00
Fire Inspector $100.00
Fire Marshall $350.00
Deputy Fire Marshall $300.00
Fire and Life Safety Specialist $200.00
Division Chief $350.00
Training Chief $350.00
Specialty Operation Chief $350.00
Training Specialist $200.00
Logistics Officer $300.00
Public Education Officer $300.00
EMS Field Trainer $200.00
Ambulance Assignment Pay 25.00/per 24 hour shift
Paramedic Credential Pay $533.34
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