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Q: I don’t see a job posting for a Firefighter or Police Officer, but I want to apply, what do I need to do?

A: Do not submit an application if we are not recruiting for Police and/or Fire, instead register to be notified of new job openings with the City of Georgetown via email.  To sign up for these email alerts, visit our jobs website at  Along the top of the site (just under the menu) is a field to enter your email address.  You will have to enter the verification word image that you see on the screen. Check your inbox for a confirmation message from “Feedburner Email Subscriptions”, the service that delivers email subscriptions for Job Openings – City of Georgetown, TX and click the link to activate your subscription.  Registering will ensure that you are notified as soon as the recruitment process comes available.

Q: Do you have an onsite Academy, or will you send me to an Academy in order to obtain my Fire or Police Certification?

We do not have an onsite Academy.  You must be certified as a basic firefighter, or certifiable at time of appointment, as established by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection and the Texas Department of State Health Services.  You do not have to be certified as a peace officer in order to apply for the Police Officer position and we will send cadets to a local academy to obtain their certification.

Q: I don’t remember the address, and the phone number of a previous employer, can I leave it blank on my application and/or background packet?

A: No, you must provide either an address or a phone number for a previous employer.  If the company is no longer in business please provide the last known address or phone number and state that the business is closed or no longer in business.

Q: When will I be notified if I’m invited to test?

A: After the job posting closes all applicants are notified of their status; whether they are invited to test or have been removed from the process. 

Q: Can you please tell me if my prior drug use will disqualify me?

A: Please see Disqualifier C(18) in the Fire or Police Disqualifiers section.  Marijuana usage is considered an illicit substance and disqualification is based on recency of use.

Q: I submitted my application and forgot to include a copy of my DD214, can I send that now?

A: In order for you to receive the 5 points extra on your examination you must submit your DD214 on the day of the test and you must have received Honorable Discharge.

Q: What can I expect from the physical agility test?

A: Both Fire and Police have an obstacle course that you must complete within a required timeframe. 

Q: Do I really need to provide all the transcripts for colleges attended even though one of my transcripts contains the transfer credit on it?

A: Yes, you must provide a transcript from each college attended, even if one transcript contains all the transfer information from previous universities attended.  Failure to submit transcripts from each university may result in removal from the process.

Q: I was removed from the process for not providing contact information on a previous employer, why didn’t you call me and ask for that information?

A: It is your responsibility to complete the application in its entirety, that includes providing all the contact information for your previous employer and/or references.  By omitting this information you are subject to removal from the process.

Q: Will you accept any additional documents that are required for the background packet after the deadline?

A: No, we provide plenty of time, 4-6 weeks, for you to obtain all the required documents.

Q: If I don’t get a job offer, can I have my background packet back?

A: No, your background packet will not be returned as it is property of the City of Georgetown. 

Q: Can I appeal my disqualification?

A: The only disqualifications that are eligible for appeal are failure of medical or psychological evaluation.  You can not appeal any other disqualifications.

Q: Can you tell me what question(s) I failed on the oral board?

A: No, we will not discuss which answers you scored low on, nor will we discuss specific questions that were used during the oral board process.  The questions may or may not be used again during another oral board process. 

Q: Why does the process take so long?

A: The process takes approximately 4-5 months from test date to hire date.  The length of time is due to the time given to complete/submit background packets and time to complete background investigations. 

Q: Do you make an exception to the age requirement?

A: The Civil Service Rules and Meet and Confer Agreements identify an age range for both the Police and Fire positions; you must fall within this age range. The max age for an entry level sworn position in Police and Fire is 44. Eligible candidates cannot be 45 years of age or older by hire date.

Q: I have “x” number of years as a firefighter/police officer, will that help me get the job?  Do I really have to start at the entry level?

A: Currently we do not have Lateral Entry for our Fire positions, therefore because we are Civil Service, when you are offered a position you must start at entry level.

 Have additional questions?  If so, please call Human Resources at 512-930-3639.


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